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    BOTHWELL CHEESE – Marble Cheddar

    540 g

    By blending our finest white and orange Cheddars, we have created an award-winning Marble Cheddar. This colourful variation on traditional cheddar has a smooth texture and a mild yet flavourful taste.


    The mild, yet full-flavoured taste of our Marble Cheddar suits a Chardonnay, Port, Dry Rose or any sparkling wine. Also try with pale ales or a good strong stout.
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  • Traditional food. Smoked sausages meat hanging in domestic smokehouse.Quick view

    Elk Smokies

    $10.00 /lb (22.03/kg)
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  • Raw mini Chicken on wooden cutting board with sea salt and different spices over old metal surfaceQuick view

    Free Range Roasting Chicken

    $4.00 /lb ($8.81/kg) - average weight 2-3 lb
    Our chickens range between 2 to 3 lbs right now
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