Chicken & Turkey

Chicken & Turkey

  • TurkeyQuick view

    Free Range Roasting Turkey

    $3.50 $3.5/lb ($7.71/kg) - average weight 15-20 lb
    Whole roasting turkey or any parts by your desire cut. Just write in the notes how you would like it to be cut and we will cut and deliver right to your door.
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  • Raw mini Chicken on wooden cutting board with sea salt and different spices over old metal surfaceQuick view

    Free Range Roasting Chicken

    $4.00 /lb ($8.81/kg) - average weight 2-3 lb
    Our chickens range between 2 to 3 lbs right now
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  • Smoked turkey on the table and ready to cutQuick view

    Free Range Smoked Turkey

    $4.50 /lb (9.91/kg)
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  • raw chicken fillet with garlic, pepper and rosemary on a wooden backgroundQuick view

    Boneless Breasts

    $7.00 /lb (15.42/kg)
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  • Sale! chicken meat package isolated on white backgroundQuick view

    Box of Boneless Breasts

    $63.00 $54.00 /4 kg ($13.5/kg)
    Box of 4 KG / Frozen
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