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    355 ml

    The Secret in the Sauce

    A tangy sweet barbecue sauce unified with orange, lime, and just the right balance of heat.


    This is a versatile sauce — use it on chicken, pork, whitefish, shrimp, salmon, ribs, hashbrowns, burgers, smokies, or as a dip.
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    JOHN RUSSELL – Creamed Honey – Saskatoon

    375 g John Russell's Creamed Clover Honey mixed with fresh Saskatoons grown throughout Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Saskatoons are also referred to as service berries, June berries, Shad berries or Indian Pear. They have a unique delicious taste that can be described best as a cross between blueberries and apples. Try some alone, or in tea. Great on toast and scones!
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    JOHN RUSSELL – Creamed Honey – Raspberry

    375 g The world's tastiest berry, blended to perfection with the world's tastiest honey. We take Raspberries and mix them with John Russell's Creamed Clover Honey to create a beautiful healthy snack. Try some alone, or on muffins, toast, or in tea!
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    JOHN RUSSELL – Creamed Honey – Blueberry

    375 g We take the best honey in Manitoba and "cream" it by adding crystallized honey and gently stirring it until it reaches a butter like consistency. Then we add Wild Blueberries. Real ones! Picked seasonally in Northern Manitoba. No artificial flavoring and color is ever used.
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    JOHN RUSSELL – Creamed Honey – Strawberry

    375 g We take the finest fresh strawberries grown in Manitoba and blend it with the best honey Manitoba has to offer, John Russell's Creamed Clover Honey. Healthy foods at their finest! Tastes great alone and goes well with everything you put it on.
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    JOHN RUSSELL – Pure Delicious Honey

    375 g Manitoba has a plethora of wetlands in the Interlake district. These areas provide a wide variety of wetland flora, a variety that changes combinations yearly depending on rainfall and lake levels. The result is a unique and slightly changing flavor amber class honey with more body and a complimenting taste to wherever it is used.
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    Gift Baskets

    An assortment of delicious jams, honey, cheese, sauces, and dips all wrapped and ready to go for the holidays.
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