Beef Cut & Wrap

$500.00$1,000.00 /Deposit

– The Beef weights are between 450lb – 750lb
– There is an option in which the carcasses are hanging up to 4 weeks for dry aging.

  • Dry aging, slowly dehydrating, and losing water, it concentrates the flavor but also loses up to 5% of its starting weight.

– Cut and wrap are included:
– Roast, Steak, Ground, Stew, and Soup bone.
– It is important to know between 30% – 35% of the carcass weight is bone, fat, and scrap.

  • Feel free to ask if you need bones for your pets. Normally, we are discarding unusable bone, fat, and scrap, however, we can wrap and pack them if you need them.

– Free delivery to Winnipeg

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